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Monthly Archives: January 2016

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Tajger’s Chronicle About Albion Online

Hey everyone!
Maybe some of you can remember me or even know me. Anyways, I’d like to share with you with my videos or pictures from the game here.

Feel free to comment, dislike me or whatever. Don’t be afraid to express your views here!As it is the first post of my chonicle, I’d like to present you how to handle/kill T8 Bear Cub. It’s Kinda tricky and dangerous. Perhaps many of you don’t know about it.
Watch video and make it in the next test.

Each player has to enter the competition on his/her own (no nominations)
Each player has 1 life, once a participant posts a fullscreen screenshot to prove your death by another player, you are out!
(I haven’t figured out how to handle yellow zone “deaths” yet, mainly cause I lack experience of such zones)
Deaths in dungeons, GvG’s and city battles doesn’t count (due to instance based content)
If you die in Albion Online Silver  take a screenshot of your death-screen to be able to prove it

More rules and clarifications will be added later
3 brackets:
Last man standing
Top 10 kill count
Top 10 fame count
I’ll limit the entries to 200 for now, only cause I wont have too much time to moderate this contest once the CBT goes live.
What I’m hoping for is that as many mods by buy Albion Online Gold

as possible shows interest to help me out updating and moderating the contest, so it can be open for anyone that wants to participate.

The Changes Of Albion Online

My T6 guys brought back 7-11 mats it’s like hitting 1 node. Before they brought back about 90 mats it’s about 90% reduction just like the poster that started this thread was saying. I have some T8 laborers but I never go fill those T7-8 books.

The patch to laborers seems to promote people always being in t3 gear so they can compete with zerg alliances of Cheap Albion Online Gold. LOL that’s a joke btw.To me it doesn’t matter how much it takes to fill a T6 book at this point it’s not even worth my time to go to my 6 islands and drop stuff off and pick it up. I have about 200 of T4-6 books already sitting around useless now IMO I’m not going to take the time to run them.

I really think with this Albion Online Silver to laborers they need to greatly reduce the weight of raw mats starting at T4 or 5. Trying to gather T6 mats that are 2 zones away from your bank / refining place is a full time job the fact you had laborers bring back mats made it not an issue you could just delete a portion of the mats while filling books to make a trip worth the time.

Once they wipe and start over it will be really interesting to see how this change to the game slows down the building / upgrading process especially for the small guilds.At this point the only reason to have a house is for the storage. Since chest don’t hold that much more weight as you tier up house / chest I think t3 where it’s at now. No real point to get houses beyond that IMO.

A Willingness to Learn Of Albion Online

This involves many aspects. We are always helping with LP allocation strategies, skill tree specifications, combat strategies/comps/counters but you must be willing to learn from and apply these teachings in order to maximize your characters individual utility to your preferences as well as your impact on the guilds growth.
A willingness to learn also involves a willingness to travel to Red/Black zones. We spend the majority of Albion Online Silver  in Red Zones either fame farming, gathering or looking for fights in which we can test our skills in combat. If you are looking to join RudeHouse in the hopes to be involved with combat, this is where you will begin your training on the right foot by letting you experience first hand the red/black zones and all that those zones entail such as.

- How to properly navigate potentially hostile areas for maximum stealth effect.
- How to read a zone and understand if and when there was activity.
- How to tell if and how many players are in your direct area long before they are visible on screen.
- How to properly engage in solo/group/zerg pvp
- How to prioritize targets and focus fire
- How to best play your characters combat role in any sized PvP
and much more.
For 1 thing, you haven’t had a chance to fuck up all your Albion Mall like many others have by spreading them thin trying to be able to do everything and end up being able to do nothing. (like I did lol) and every new player right now is still miles ahead of anyone joining in Launch, we’re still in beta and I don’t believe that’s the time to get super picky about who we recruit based on their character stats(personality is something I do look for while recruiting however). The game isn’t even out yet. This is the time to learn and I personally try to help every new member in Rudehouse by explaining things as well as taking them out into Albion to help fame up (level up) faster.


The Current Set Of Fame Adjustments On Albion Online

1. Get a stat cap for yellow and red Maps. Maybe t4= yellow t5= red and t6+ in black. Also for the gvgs in that maps. So new guilds have a chance to get a map in gvg.

2. All mobs give fame for ur Albion Online Silver . Just get it like yellow=normal fame red= double fame and black 4times the fame….. -> example u need 1000 fame to unlock a wepaon. in yellow u have to kill 1000 monster … in red 500 and in black 250.

So if u want to get fame u can go higher risk in black which is the fastest way or be safe in yellow…. but it tooks much longer.
Also if u capped the items stats for the maps it tooks always the same time in yellow to kill a monster. doesnt matter if u wearing t8+
Also its much better for small scale pvp and overall pvp. U get nerver outgeared in red/yellow zones. But if u want to lvl ur t8 in red u have the risk to loose it to a t5 wearing player.
I appreciate you posting your thoughts on your numbers and where abouts you are thinking with the current set of fame adjustments. I know I have been asking to see what kind of Cheap Albion Online Gold  time table you were looking at and planning, so thank you.The only thing I remain skeptical about is your ability to make “finding mobs” never an issue. That, however, will largely have to wait after your world redesign when you double the landmass of the world.

Test Every Aspect Of the Albion Online

No, there has been drastic changes to the destiny board that forces my hand on my guild’s strategy when launch comes in. The whole point of this test which I agree on , is to test every aspect of the Albion Online Silve , so end game testing is vital.. but to me testing the CURRENT end game is pretty much useless.

Honestly, if I could make a suggestion that I think would change this game for the better 100% , and I think they are ahead of me on this one.. is to remove ANY type of building plots on black zones and make them single cluster’s with late game material plots, fuck the farms, so throw up essense/forest/mines … end game resource plots in black zones only with no cities so guilds have to fight for them and have no where to safely hide under a currently almost impossible city seige if your guild has any wits about it.
The only reason death lost their cities is because they had the worst combination of guilds that could possibly have attempted what they did… now H&S are raiding them and still taking forever to wipe out the Albion Mall Due to the patches (which I am not totally negative with them), bugs and the things must be included in patches but they were not; the balance and the nature of the world was broken. With new fame and spawning adjustments, catching this level of gameplay may take much more shorter than it was before. As Korn stated in a topic that if CBT may extended to apply and test new improvements, I can say that we have enough time to start from zero to the end-game testing.