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Daily Archives: January 30, 2016

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Entering the MapleStory game

Thus the duping argument is irrelevant in this discussion, it’s a matter for nexon’s security team to tackle not their game designers. You also haven’t addressed the point about how duping can regulate the power gap, since you worry so much about it in your first argument. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

But lets assume that doesn’t happen. What difference does it make if a hacker can dupe 50 A rank nebs instead of 10 S rank nebs and thus yield the same profit? None at all, they’ll keep matching the same yield even if the S ranks weren’t here because duping has no limits. And were not even sure if they’ll cost as much if we’re just speculating about demand and supply.

Stop spouting off nonsense. Nebs were released far more than 2-3 years ago and yet we still haven’t seen S nebs introduced despite a 50x increase to the damage cap in Unleashed, back in 2013. Furthermore, Nexon has massively slowed down the amount of OP items entering the game. We got Tyrant gloves back in RED, and no other superior equipment in the past 2 years. NexonNA has refused to allow MEEs to enter the game, as well as kept the 15 star cap on equipment for enhancements. On top of that, they have also steadfastly refused to introduce AO, even despite many users wanting it to come to the game.

Nexon is not following the pattern that you claim they are. There is no reason for S nebs to ever enter the game, stop pushing it.Firstly S rank nebs aren’t comparable in power to MapleStory Mesos MEEs. Secondly Nexon korea immediately acknowledged that MEEs were a mistake, that’s why they changed it to time limited scrolls and removed the event quest following the patch. This is probably what nexon thought when they designed those S nebs at the time, that they were too OP. But it’s different when nexon (in korea) releases something previously unknown to players in a short amount of time before the test servers were closed and releasing something that’s already known for years and should be given be the green light in contemporary maple.



The Albion Online Decline of the Empire

Most of the leadership is casual and barely plays, yet tries to force opinions/views/rules on the recruits who are much more hardcore then them, and this lead to a lot of problems. For example a right hand who just recently on this very forum said “No one willingly leaves Vendetta” which after reading his elitist attitude when the guy plays maybe 3 hours a week was the last straw for me. Surprise! He does gather very well but unfortunately it is hard to follow his leadership directions when he has participated in one GvG as a cursed staff user in the first week which consisted of him walking in ice storms the entire time and forgetting to put his gear in the battle vault instead of the normal chest. Better luck next time friend.
After the Finstack core split, when recruiting should have been the main focus more then anything to replace our lost core, Leadership turned to another Right Hand, is easily one of the worst frost mages I have ever seen yet test after test he insists on stubbornly sticking to a squishy mage build. The GvGs I have seen him involve himself in (he also barely plays compared to the recruits/members) consisted of him also walking in other Albion Online Power Leveling mages Icestorms the majority of the time and dying till he is out of gear. Easily on the bottom 25% skillcap wise of <Vendetta> but entrusted solely with recruitment with no outside help from the guild. This has led to a variety of problems which leads me to make the statement I am going to make today:

Half of the current roster of <Vendetta> at least would not have even made it into the <Vendetta> of old.

This is due to bad recruitment by @Kip which has also lead to a host of other issues like recruiting toxic players and people who aren’t even really good at this game pvp wise – which is my mind was always Vendetta’s core appeal – A Hardcore PvP Guild.
But hey, since we are a guild island city guild now, if people gather resources who cares how bad they are at pvp.