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Daily Archives: January 28, 2016

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Plate and Scythe Albion Online Balance

I hear a lot of people getting mad because people can tank (wear plate armor) with a scythe. As a scythe users, I think the weapon is pretty balanced but I think the problem is with Plate Albion Online Silver Armor. Plate armor should greatly slow a player down as cloth armor / light armor should greatly boost a players speed. Back in the day knights with heavy armor need to fight on a horses to move around because plate just weights so much. I think this game should take that same design and greatly slow a person who has plate armor equipped.

Yes it becomes impossible to kite because factoring in movement it is able to hit at the same range as most “ranged” weapons. By the time you stop and hit your 11M range ability, they are able to cover 3M and begin landing skills on you from 9M away with a scyth before your animation ends allowing you to move again. So your range advantage is completely gone. Even with substantial slows on the sctyh user (calthrops / bow slow/ spear line slows) you still only get 1-2 ticks off before they’re in range to land abilities.

I have a hard time believing its just server lag because not a single other melee weapon has this advantage. Something with the scyth itself is fundamentally broken when it comes to range.technically they all scale because light works on a percentage scale, which means everything is always fluxuating. I think the big difference is that light armor has no good defensive or offensive abilities that have zero diminishing returns. In light your helmet as a meter is locked into an ability that dorastically lowers your resistances while increasing your attack. As opposed to say retaliate that can literally make you do double damage in pvp for 5 seconds if someone is Albion Mall dumb, and if they arnt they are running while you shoot them in the back. If you are looking to duel then light is garbage, if you are doing pve then light makes you kill things twice as fast which uses less energy thus you can level twice as fast.

You can always regenerate health at a rapid rate where you cannot regenerate energy.