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Limit the amount of Albion Online skills

This is another one that really makes the community interact with each other. I loved that about UO. If you spent all your time fighting, you probably didn’t know smithing and would need to find a smith to make you armor or repair your items. *As a secondary, please make it so that only players with proper skill can repair Albion Online Silver items. (% success based on skill/difficulty) Vendors shouldn’t be able to repair. Aside from making the items this was one of the biggest community inter-activities in UO. Having the community rely on each other is the most important thing in a sandbox.

A sandbox to me is about taking time and just enjoying the game world. It’s not about getting to the end or maxing out my skills as fast as possible. Having these as your goals/quests that show up at the bottom of the screen just looks wrong to me. It feels like it’s making it your goal. Along with this, I realize GvG and PvP is a big focus in this game, but I don’t feel it should be THE focus. I do like a lot of the features involved with it. A major portion of sandbox games for me though is what you can do aside from combat.

Fix fame sharing especially for healers and add silver sharing options and rolling for loot. Let is bind our weapons and tools to hot keys as well as letting us bind our move and interact to different keys. Moving to a target when you just trying to heal them is super annoying also add a bind able stop Albion Online Power Leveling button. I’d love to have my move on left mouse, my interact on right button, and stop bound to spacebar. Would make this game so much more enjoyable to play. Don’t hurt PC users because most tablets can’t have mouse and keyboard.Guild Permissions – in this kind of cut throat game you need a robust permission system to allow guilds to thrive

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