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Daily Archives: January 23, 2016

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Running multiple accounts Albion Online

In my opinion, your hands are tied and you have little choice but to lift restrictions on the number of accounts playable from the same IP. You can still have a rule against multi-accounting, but you will have to be diligent in being certain that this is true before a ban.

Just because something is hard or nearly impossible to enforce doesn’t mean that it should be allowed. Running multiple accounts is not the way that the game was designed to be Albion Online Power Leveling played and should be against the ToS. I understand that people will play together with family and friends so you can’t use IP address to detect this.

Add language to the ToS that if you admit on the official Albion forums to running multiple accounts at the same time it’s considered a self-report and is a ban-able offense. You will ban far more offenders from idiots on the forum than you will through in-game reporting or other means. And the best part is, people will stop talking about it.

EvE you had to pay $15/month per account. It makes multi-boxing expensive. This means fewer people will do it. Same with WoW. On a free to play game, especially one that doesn’t require tons of processing to run, there is nothing stoping someone from making 15 accounts and controlling them all with 1 keyboard and Albion Mall mouse. Each character doing the exact same thing. They would easily 1 shot people even if they were just in tier 3 gear. It would kill the game so fast.