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The Current Albion Online System Works

I would also like to add that all the posts crying “YES! NO F2P TO KEEP OUT ALL THE UNDESIRABLES!” need to read the OP again. This game WILL go F2P, just not at the beginning. If they announced the delay but kept the old F2P plan they would have basically severed their cash flow because people would simply walk away until summer 2016. By telling everybody they will have to pay anyway you might force more Albion Online Power Leveling people into the BETA even though the wipes make their time investment pointless and wasted. I’m surprised they also didn’t announce “NO MORE WIPES!” because that would have forced everyone on board. So, in short, the “undesirables” will be here, in force, before the sun sets on this game.

The current system works for a smaller population (which is why almost zero people bitched during alphas). Now that the population is larger a lot of people agree a new system needs to replace flagging. I argue for a middle ground. Something inbetween the UO criminal system vs the flagging system. Criminal system will be fine if they don’t have a kill debuff and don’t change loot mechanics (would push all PvP to black zones where people wouldn’t get negative buff. People already complain they are way overcrowded. Just imagine when the entire PvP server migrates there)

Im a hardcore pvp and pker and i admit the PK system is crazy right now.. its like DUST2 (counter strike) as soon as you hit red zones.. theirs so many ppl in the game you can not go 20 sec without me pking you or you me… good luck getting resources with out 25 thousand guildies who don’t give a shit if you get them or not…I said this a Month ago that the UO SYSTEM would be perfect for this game and needed to happen because this zerg style ganking everywhere needed to go (because why not? you lose nothing gain everything).. I’m so happy the DEVS listens to the community.
Also, im sorry but im very happy this isnt a free to play game anymore. It seems f2p games bring the Albion Gold Mall  worst of the worse 12 year olds.. The b2p or p2p community’s are so much better.

Thank you, Albion people thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you you thank youthankthank you thank you luv u thank you thank you thank you thank you thank thank you you thank you kiss me thank you thank thank you (like i said the worst of the worst 12 yr olds)


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