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Daily Archives: January 21, 2016

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Make A Sandbox Albion Online Game

At least after revealing that some of you will give some hard time Wrong thinking, especially at launch, top tier black zones are the best to start with, while the standard (even hardcore) playerbase is working their way up farming on lower tiers to improve their destiny board specialisations :) So no one around or almost. Once people are starting to reach crafting at top tier, gold sellers will have a big reserve to deliver at the best price, as it will be initially scarce.

Green areas are potentially the less interesting in terms of botting, too many people around, too much competition, too low prices per item and too many depleted nodes.In the other hand, low tier wearing bots can go top black areas sneaking around mobs and their aggro range, collect what they can like peons in warcraft 3 “job’s done!”, have all top tier nodes full and so on, anyway they do not need any progression in the destiny board (apart from the one necessary to gather)

And you all with “we must have one account and no to multiaccounting, well, get that!, we are stucked with one account and progressing the destiny board meanwhile…

I don’t think a sandbox game should be defined by a single players Avatar’s actions. That is what makes a sandbox game uniqu
e from other games is that it requires thinking outside the box. A player willing to make and use multiple characters SHOULD have different advantages over someone who specializes and uses only one.It is up to the people who then focus and specialize in pking to punish the multiboxer or the multiuser who thinks he can farm more effectively with several chars at once, as they cannot obviously pvp as effectively.

This is not an even playing field style game, and should not be treated as such. If that is what you are looking for Albion Online Power LevelingI recommend FPS style games, as all characters are the same.Botting is a separate issue and not related to this debate, although would be controlled in the same player policing style within this game structure. PK them and take their loot.