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Daily Archives: January 16, 2016

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Tajger’s Chronicle About Albion Online

Hey everyone!
Maybe some of you can remember me or even know me. Anyways, I’d like to share with you with my videos or pictures from the game here.

Feel free to comment, dislike me or whatever. Don’t be afraid to express your views here!As it is the first post of my chonicle, I’d like to present you how to handle/kill T8 Bear Cub. It’s Kinda tricky and dangerous. Perhaps many of you don’t know about it.
Watch video and make it in the next test.

Each player has to enter the competition on his/her own (no nominations)
Each player has 1 life, once a participant posts a fullscreen screenshot to prove your death by another player, you are out!
(I haven’t figured out how to handle yellow zone “deaths” yet, mainly cause I lack experience of such zones)
Deaths in dungeons, GvG’s and city battles doesn’t count (due to instance based content)
If you die in Albion Online Silver  take a screenshot of your death-screen to be able to prove it

More rules and clarifications will be added later
3 brackets:
Last man standing
Top 10 kill count
Top 10 fame count
I’ll limit the entries to 200 for now, only cause I wont have too much time to moderate this contest once the CBT goes live.
What I’m hoping for is that as many mods by buy Albion Online Gold

as possible shows interest to help me out updating and moderating the contest, so it can be open for anyone that wants to participate.