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A Willingness to Learn Of Albion Online

This involves many aspects. We are always helping with LP allocation strategies, skill tree specifications, combat strategies/comps/counters but you must be willing to learn from and apply these teachings in order to maximize your characters individual utility to your preferences as well as your impact on the guilds growth.
A willingness to learn also involves a willingness to travel to Red/Black zones. We spend the majority of Albion Online Silver  in Red Zones either fame farming, gathering or looking for fights in which we can test our skills in combat. If you are looking to join RudeHouse in the hopes to be involved with combat, this is where you will begin your training on the right foot by letting you experience first hand the red/black zones and all that those zones entail such as.

- How to properly navigate potentially hostile areas for maximum stealth effect.
- How to read a zone and understand if and when there was activity.
- How to tell if and how many players are in your direct area long before they are visible on screen.
- How to properly engage in solo/group/zerg pvp
- How to prioritize targets and focus fire
- How to best play your characters combat role in any sized PvP
and much more.
For 1 thing, you haven’t had a chance to fuck up all your Albion Mall like many others have by spreading them thin trying to be able to do everything and end up being able to do nothing. (like I did lol) and every new player right now is still miles ahead of anyone joining in Launch, we’re still in beta and I don’t believe that’s the time to get super picky about who we recruit based on their character stats(personality is something I do look for while recruiting however). The game isn’t even out yet. This is the time to learn and I personally try to help every new member in Rudehouse by explaining things as well as taking them out into Albion to help fame up (level up) faster.


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