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The Current Set Of Fame Adjustments On Albion Online

1. Get a stat cap for yellow and red Maps. Maybe t4= yellow t5= red and t6+ in black. Also for the gvgs in that maps. So new guilds have a chance to get a map in gvg.

2. All mobs give fame for ur Albion Online Silver . Just get it like yellow=normal fame red= double fame and black 4times the fame….. -> example u need 1000 fame to unlock a wepaon. in yellow u have to kill 1000 monster … in red 500 and in black 250.

So if u want to get fame u can go higher risk in black which is the fastest way or be safe in yellow…. but it tooks much longer.
Also if u capped the items stats for the maps it tooks always the same time in yellow to kill a monster. doesnt matter if u wearing t8+
Also its much better for small scale pvp and overall pvp. U get nerver outgeared in red/yellow zones. But if u want to lvl ur t8 in red u have the risk to loose it to a t5 wearing player.
I appreciate you posting your thoughts on your numbers and where abouts you are thinking with the current set of fame adjustments. I know I have been asking to see what kind of Cheap Albion Online Gold  time table you were looking at and planning, so thank you.The only thing I remain skeptical about is your ability to make “finding mobs” never an issue. That, however, will largely have to wait after your world redesign when you double the landmass of the world.

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