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Daily Archives: May 20, 2014

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Dita Von Teese is a kind of woman who never misses the chance to stun everyone around. I doubt that there is a man who wouldn’t fall for her hypnotizing and seductive beauty. I bet, ladies also find it hard to resist her charm. As a result we end up with a perfect model to folow and admire – who on earth would dare to gobble another chocolate chip cookie, when an image of the goddess is right in front of your eyes. Besides, she always shows off her perfect fashion taste, rocking incredible outfits to any red carpet event. Yet, what she did this time is slightly different. Dita collaborated with Bloomingdale’s to release a magnificent collection of lingerie pieces. Read on to find out more as well as to see the striking pictures.

The new line of sexy lingerie pieces was obviously a result of hard and dedicative work. Otherwise it wouldn’t be so spectacular and desirable. No wonder, if it is Dita who contributed to the design, how can we possibly expect a different result? She is the queen of alluring looks, so she definitely knows what lingerie has most chances to be adored by you.

The saucy collection will be available on March 15. As for now, you have an awesome chance to drool over a couple of shots revealing Dita’s voluptuous features covered with the newest designs. It was a very smart decision to tap the beauty as the main actor of the photoshoot. Who else, if not the burlesque queen can deliver the line’s message properly?