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What are the benefits of him wearing lingerie?

If you’re never really considered the possibility of dressing your husband up in women’s underwear before, you may still be wondering what’s in it for you and your relationship. Although the practical benefits of erotic feminization and sexy lingerie discipline are self-evident to anyone who has been practising them for any length of time, it can be difficult to fully appreciate just how much of an effect such techniques can have on your husband until you’ve tried them for yourself.

      a husband who is softer and gentler

Whether it’s in the bedroom or out on the town, wearing lingerie has a remarkably pacifying effect on a man. The profoundly feminine associations of such garments get to work as soon as he steps into them, subtly yet inexorably influencing him to be kinder and more considerate – wherever he may be. Just as he wouldn’t want to go tearing around in an expensive suit, such careless rough and tumble being sure to damage it, so too does the delicate nature of women’s underwear have a similarly calming effect on its wearer. He may not be able to put a finger on precisely what it is about his lingerie that affects him so much, but its effects are undeniable nonetheless – all without any effort on your part.

      a husband who is less aggressive and more courteous

Although there’s nothing wrong with being manly, sometimes men don’t know when to stop, letting their testosterone take them places they’re sure to regret in the cold light of day. It’s natural for a man to want to be protective of his territory, but assertiveness can go too far, becoming aggressive confrontation rather than understanding compromise. That’s when his lingerie comes to the fore – even if no-one else knows what he’s got on under his outerwear, his secret attire will be sure to tame any testosterone driven excesses. It’s hard for a man to be too masculine when he’s all dolled up in pretty underwear, with a simple reminder of what he’s wearing all that’s needed to put a stop to any unwanted aggression or unpleasant attitude.
a husband with a greater understanding of what it’s like to be a woman

Many men have little or no appreciation of the kind of problems their wives have to deal with merely by virtue of their sex. From the ogling of lecherous perverts to the bother of snagged stockings, a woman in today’s society faces all manner of annoyances on an everyday basis – headaches her husband simply has no inkling of until he’s faced them himself. Although it’s impossible to convey the totality of the female experience merely by dressing a man up, it’s still possible to give him an appreciation for certain aspects of it – whether that’s worrying about whether he’s showing a visible panty line, or simply having a greater understanding of why it takes so long for his wife to get ready when they go out. Trying to control a heaving bosom as his padded bra interferes with doing the chores teaches a man a great deal about the reality of having breasts, whereas an enhanced knowledge of women’s fashion never goes amiss – whether you’re out shopping, or simply wanting feedback on an outfit.

a husband who is more respectful to women in general

It’s far harder for a man to dismiss women as nothing more than sex objects when he knows exactly what it’s like to be in their position. Crude banter about big busted bimbos will be a thing of the past once he’s experienced the reality of being so well endowed for a few hours, with the assumption that women’s bodies are merely there for his pleasure soon evaporating with the realisation that breasts are far more than just eye candy to their owner. Men often feel as though they’ve joined a secret club once they’ve worn lingerie, albeit as junior members who lack the natural grace of those born into it. The subtle control such garments exert over a man is, by extension, shared by all those who wear similar clothing as a birthright, leading to greater respect for women as a whole – even those who know nothing about his intimate attire.

a husband with fewer bad habits

It’s not uncommon for a man to have a few rough edges, especially after he’s been in a relationship for a while. Once the novelty of being together wears off, your husband may well start to take liberties he wouldn’t dream of when he was first wooing you as a future wife. Not only may he feel he doesn’t need to impress you as much, as you come to know your husband better you may discover aspects that would benefit from a little polishing. Either way, whether he’s putting on weight, staying out too late drinking, or paying insufficient attention to his personal hygiene, the threat of having to wear embarrassing or uncomfortable lingerie can provide just the motivation he needs to shape up. A corset may be an unconventional dieting tool, but it certainly works!

a husband who takes fewer risks

Wearing lingerie may be sensual and erotic in the privacy of the bedroom, but having to explain his unorthodox attire to an officer of the law is quite a different matter – a roadside pat-down sure to reveal his embarrassing secret. If you’re concerned that your husband’s reckless driving will one day get him in trouble, simply have him wear something feminine before he gets behind the wheel – he’ll be the model driver as he goes out of his way to avoid any unwarranted attention from authority. Similarly, he’ll find getting drunk far less attractive when doing so runs the risk of his drinking buddies discovering what he’s wearing underneath – his stockings and suspenders far from the manly image of downing ten pints with the lads before stumbling home.

a husband who is more submissive and respects his wife’s authority

Donning feminine underwear at the request of his wife is an inherently submissive act for a man, requiring him to acquiesce, however reluctantly, to wearing it for her. Doing so leaves him in an incredibly vulnerable position, one which is compounded by the knowledge that he has given his consent to it. Although a loving wife would never hurt or humiliate her husband, allowing himself to be feminized by her places him at her mercy, and in doing so, implicitly acknowledges her authority in other matters too. It’s hard for him to forget his earlier submission when his underwear constantly reminds him of it, cementing her place in their relationship as someone whose opinions and authority should be respected in all areas – not just what he wears.

a husband who is closer and more intimate

There are few things more intimate than sexy underwear, and that’s certainly the case when the man is the one wearing it for his wife. The naughty secret they share together is something that certainly won’t be going outside their relationship, an erotic game that’s strictly between the two of them. In the intimacy of the bedroom, his lingerie adds spice to their most private of moments, bringing them closer in ways that only they will ever know about. Even when they’re apart, she’s never far from his heart – the thought of what he’s wearing for her keeps them close, however distant she may be. The caress of nylon, satin and lace against his body reminds him of their special times together with every rub of his stockings or pull of his bra straps, quite apart from making things special when they’re alone with each other.

a husband who is more responsive to his wife’s needs and desires

Adopting women’s underwear in place of more masculine garments not only makes a man more considerate and respectful towards his wife, it also encourages him to be more sensitive and understanding of her needs. Combined with the insights that such intimate attire gives him into matters feminine and the effect it has on his attitude and behaviour, it also provides the motivation to do the right thing by her and their marriage – whether as a means to appreciate and atone for letting her down, or as a more regular addition to his wardrobe. It should come as no surprise that a man who submits to lingerie discipline becomes far more responsive to his wife’s needs and desires as a result, placing her at the very centre of their world – right where she belongs!

a husband who remains faithful

It’s a sad fact that some men find themselves tempted to stray by the alluring promise of forbidden fruit – the illicit attraction of other women proving too much for those of a less principled disposition. Not so for the man who wears lingerie for his wife – for him, the thought of dropping his trousers loses all appeal when doing so will reveal his pretty panties to a potential paramour. She’ll hardly be interested in him once she discovers that his wife makes him wear a bra and stockings too, but it’s unlikely things will ever get that far – he’ll go out of his way to keep such an embarrassing secret to himself, rather than risk becoming the talk of the town. Even a wandering eye is easily tamed once a man’s put in panties – a quick reminder that he’s similarly attired to the young ladies he’s admiring is all it takes to bring him back down to earth.

a husband who helps with the household chores

Once a man’s used to wearing lingerie, it’s easy to have him wear an apron too. The submissive state of mind such attire engenders is perfect for helping out around the house, overcoming the resistance that many men have towards doing the chores. Whether it’s washing the dishes or dealing with the laundry, it never hurts to have a helping hand, allowing the lady of the house to put her feet up and relax while her feminized husband takes the load off her shoulders. Some women take things even further and enjoy having a fully fledged maid at their beck and call, without any of the expense of a more traditional cleaner.

a husband who is charged with sexual energy

Let’s not forget that lingerie, despite its many practical applications, is still intensely erotic – far more so than anything else a man might wear. Its mere presence serves to amply the sexual tension of even the most mundane of situations, let alone those that are already erotically charged. Something as simple as a shopping trip can take on a whole new meaning for a man who finds his legs clad in clinging nylon, the unfamiliar sensation of women’s hosiery teasing him with every step, let alone more active arousal. Like a battery, such sexual energy can be kept on tap until it’s needed, finally released in the high voltage sparks of the bedroom.

It’s worth remembering that such benefits are far from being one sided. Although a man who dons lingerie at the behest of his wife may initially be rather sceptical about the advantages of doing so, over time he too is sure to appreciate the effects that such attire has – both on his relationship with his wife, but also on himself as a person. It would be a rare man who would say no to having more fun in the bedroom, but as we shall see later, many men would also sorely welcome the opportunity to develop greater willpower, divest themselves of less appealing habits and improve themselves in the process – all things that can be achieved through wearing lingerie so long as a man can be persuaded to keep an open mind about its possibilities.

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