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Daily Archives: April 19, 2014

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Five fabulous lingerie sets will make you feel beautiful

These five sexy lingerie sets will make you feel beautiful, confident and sexy; they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day!

It’s almost here folks, the most loved and simultaneously dreaded holiday of the year. Whether you’re attached or not this Valentine’s Day, there’s plenty of joy to be had from a new set of lingerie. The pretty little sets can be a fab confidence booster, even if you’re the only one who gets to see it for the time being. So if you do have a significant other, just print out this article, stick it on the fridge and hope that your boo will get the hint, and if you don’t, then get out there and spoil yourself!

Frilly Florals for the Babe on a Budget: That’s right. Nobody said you had to break the bank to feel sexy. This adorable set is the sweetest thing money can buy, and since it’s from H&M, it’s pretty cheap. The bustier-style bra gives this set a unique touch that’s reminiscent of a 50s-style pinup, which’ll just add to how great you’ll feel wearing it. Also of note: I think it looks expensive, don’t you?

Vintage Vibes for Vegans: If you’re a conscious consumer and want to feel good about the purchases you make, Stella McCartney is a great brand to indulge in. The design house refuses to use any animal products in the creation of their fashions and makes an effort to source materials with sensitivity toward the environment. Props for the good karma and also for the fantastic pin tucks on this set. So delicate, so lovely, and so Stella.

La Vie en Rose Satin Swan babydollSoft Satin for the Shy Sister: Want a little bit more coverage while still taking things up a notch in the bedroom? Try out a baby doll piece like this one. It’ll cover a tummy if you’re a little shy, but the reverse peek-a-boo makes it sexy. This soft satin morsel comes in both red and black, and it has a great price point to boot.

A Hot-Pink Demi for Double Ds: Not only is this bra beautiful, but it also comes in sizes up to an H-cup. Now that’s impressive because larger-sized bras don’t always look as pretty as their smaller-cupped counterparts. Without sacrificing style or sexiness, this bra manages to provide superior support to keep your ladies looking perky and perfect. And, it’s hot pink. It’s confidence-boosting just to know your underwear is this much fun, even when you can’t see it.

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push-up BraSuper-Boost for the Bombshell: If you like your bra to deliver a little extra ‘oomph’, there’s no beating Victoria’s Secret’s Very Sexy push-up bra. This one comes complete with lace, polka-dots, and a heaping helping of padding for the boost of your dreams. Matching high-waist briefs are a hip way to stay trendy when you’re without your clothes.