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Daily Archives: April 14, 2014

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Voluptuous women look lovely in sexy panties of every style

Plus size women love wearing sexy thongs and panties and it is hard to imagine anything sexier than a curvaceous woman in skimpy thongs and panties.

Sexy plus size thongs are very popular particularly stretch lace thongs that ride high on the hips and stretch to fit. A popular misconception is that fuller figured women need a thong that has more fabric than a misses thong and nothing could be further from the truth. Flaunt your curves, don’t attempt to hide them First of all you can’t hide your flaws and second you need not try to hide them. Nothing makes a full figured woman look larger than wearing loose, tent like garments and this holds true for thongs. Stretch lace fits snugly and slenderizes your body. I suggest you avoid white or tan colors if you have a fair complexion while white and off white colors look awesome on a woman with darker or tanned skin. When trying to figure out what colors to wear against your skin try black or darker colors and then try white or lighter toned colors and you decide which is the most becoming. A very popular thong is the pearl thong or g-string which is simply a strand of pearls that goes from front to back with a stretch lace strap that goes around the hips or waist. He won’t mistake the look for anything else other than romance.

Sexy panties for curvaceous women offer more coverage than the thong or g-strings but that does not mean they can’t be as if not more sexy than the boy shorts or boy panties. First don’t forget that men love a woman in panties but prefer panties that fit, and that means fit snugly showing off all of the region underneath. Loose fitting panties are simply not anywhere as sexy. This does not mean wearing tight panties as they are uncomfortable and there is no reason to wear tight or loose fitting panties. Snug is sexy and comfortable and the difference will become apparent when you try them on, feel the fit and the look will be unmistakable.

Voluptuous women look lovely in sexy panties of every style. You need not avoid skimpy panties like g-strings and thongs simply because you feel they are for more slender women. Consider what the man in your life believes as he is certainly not as critcal as you might be. Also try to ignore the conditioning the media has performed in trying to make it appear that sexy clothing is only for some, not for all. Sexy thongs and panties are made for full figured women and their amazing curves. While I prefer sexy boy shorts to either thongs or g-strings I continue to wear them all depending on my outfit and my mood on any particular. Expand your wardrobe to include all sexy panties and the effect will be apparent on your style and sense of self confidence.