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Daily Archives: April 11, 2014

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Lingerie industries have grown by leaps

Women are known to be fond of good clothes. They do not need reasons to buy new clothes as they just love to dress up. They want to possess clothes which are classy and elegant. Women usually want to wear everything that is fashionable and makes them feel special.

Nowadays, dresses are made in all sorts of fabrics. Some dresses are made up of materials that may be transparent or translucent. Sheer materials have also become very popular in recent times. If a lady has to wear such dresses, she will definitely have to pay attention to her inner-wear. A couple of centuries back, women used to wear bulky corsets under their dresses. During the late nineteenth century a lady named Duff Gordon decided to launch a new line of undergarments which was comfortable and also less restrictive than the corsets. She may be called the pioneer in introducing the concept of lingerie to the world.

Lingerie industries have grown by leaps and bounds in the 21st century owing to increasing demands. Women are now more open in wearing sexy lingerie because they are light on the body and also makes them feel good. If a woman wants to feel glamorous she does not feel shy to invest in a good piece of lingerie. The Frederick’s of Hollywood glamorized the concept of wearing lingerie in the 1960′s. Since then, the lingerie industry has been elevated to another level where women love to buy the best intimate wear available.