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Daily Archives: March 31, 2014

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Choose the well-fitted wedding lingerie

Girdles may have fallen out of fashion over the years, but they do play an important part in your wedding lingerie. A girdle helps to smooth out all the errant curves and form them where they belong to enhance the fit of your dress. Fit is important. Get the right measurements and you’ll have a garment that’s comfortable and flattering.

If you choose pantyhose, make sure the waistband isn’t so tight that it shows through the dress. This is where the girdle helps smooth out a sharp division at your waist. If you go the garter belt route, don’t go cheap. Clips on the cheap garter belts might slip. You don’t want your stockings bagging around your ankles during that all-important first dance as husband and wife.

Before closing the sale on the wedding dress, take some time to put together well-fitted wedding lingerie. Make sure everything is snug and relaxed. It should fit with the wedding dress and should be discrete enough that it saves some of the surprise for later. The right bridal lingerie can make all of the difference in terms of the overall comfort and style of the special day.