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What’s under there

Last night I was shopping Victoria Secret. I admit, I am a sucker for their commercials. Lately it seems I’ve been seeing them everywhere with their cute new lace push-up bras. I stopped in even though I know I cannot wear their bras because of my size., but I torture myself nonetheless.

I oohhed and aahhed all the cute pok-a-dot plunge designs and longed for the lacey sweet, flowery sexy panties. How cute would they be? As you already know, I love to match my bra and panties everyday. It makes me feel complete somehow. This morning I wondered what was the point to it all? My daughter teased me a couple months ago while I we were at a department store and my eye found the cutest baby blue and baby pink plaid bra, “Mom, who’s going to see it anyway?” I explained that it’s not so much who will see the cute things, but how they make you feel. I began to explain how nice it is to feel sexy when she gave me the teenage “OH GOD NO!” look and walked away.  I relented and walked away still wishing I had picked it up. I mean, it would go with both pink and blue panties! C’mon!

As I perused all the silky underthings I thought to myself if all this really matters an ounce to a man? Most men are eager to reveal what’s beneath the decorated pieces. During that passionate moment of the undress, do men stop to admire the lace that cover the bra cup or the shearing that cups your ass? Is it all about making the woman feel more sexy and therefore more engaged in the passion?

These are all questions. Important questions. Much more important than how we will stop world hunger or war games. Bloggers, please weigh in on the ever pressing subject os sexy lingerie. For it? Against it? Why?

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