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Entering the MapleStory game

Thus the duping argument is irrelevant in this discussion, it’s a matter for nexon’s security team to tackle not their game designers. You also haven’t addressed the point about how duping can regulate the power gap, since you worry so much about it in your first argument. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

But lets assume that doesn’t happen. What difference does it make if a hacker can dupe 50 A rank nebs instead of 10 S rank nebs and thus yield the same profit? None at all, they’ll keep matching the same yield even if the S ranks weren’t here because duping has no limits. And were not even sure if they’ll cost as much if we’re just speculating about demand and supply.

Stop spouting off nonsense. Nebs were released far more than 2-3 years ago and yet we still haven’t seen S nebs introduced despite a 50x increase to the damage cap in Unleashed, back in 2013. Furthermore, Nexon has massively slowed down the amount of OP items entering the game. We got Tyrant gloves back in RED, and no other superior equipment in the past 2 years. NexonNA has refused to allow MEEs to enter the game, as well as kept the 15 star cap on equipment for enhancements. On top of that, they have also steadfastly refused to introduce AO, even despite many users wanting it to come to the game.

Nexon is not following the pattern that you claim they are. There is no reason for S nebs to ever enter the game, stop pushing it.Firstly S rank nebs aren’t comparable in power to MapleStory Mesos MEEs. Secondly Nexon korea immediately acknowledged that MEEs were a mistake, that’s why they changed it to time limited scrolls and removed the event quest following the patch. This is probably what nexon thought when they designed those S nebs at the time, that they were too OP. But it’s different when nexon (in korea) releases something previously unknown to players in a short amount of time before the test servers were closed and releasing something that’s already known for years and should be given be the green light in contemporary maple.



The Albion Online Decline of the Empire

Most of the leadership is casual and barely plays, yet tries to force opinions/views/rules on the recruits who are much more hardcore then them, and this lead to a lot of problems. For example a right hand who just recently on this very forum said “No one willingly leaves Vendetta” which after reading his elitist attitude when the guy plays maybe 3 hours a week was the last straw for me. Surprise! He does gather very well but unfortunately it is hard to follow his leadership directions when he has participated in one GvG as a cursed staff user in the first week which consisted of him walking in ice storms the entire time and forgetting to put his gear in the battle vault instead of the normal chest. Better luck next time friend.
After the Finstack core split, when recruiting should have been the main focus more then anything to replace our lost core, Leadership turned to another Right Hand, is easily one of the worst frost mages I have ever seen yet test after test he insists on stubbornly sticking to a squishy mage build. The GvGs I have seen him involve himself in (he also barely plays compared to the recruits/members) consisted of him also walking in other Albion Online Power Leveling mages Icestorms the majority of the time and dying till he is out of gear. Easily on the bottom 25% skillcap wise of <Vendetta> but entrusted solely with recruitment with no outside help from the guild. This has led to a variety of problems which leads me to make the statement I am going to make today:

Half of the current roster of <Vendetta> at least would not have even made it into the <Vendetta> of old.

This is due to bad recruitment by @Kip which has also lead to a host of other issues like recruiting toxic players and people who aren’t even really good at this game pvp wise – which is my mind was always Vendetta’s core appeal – A Hardcore PvP Guild.
But hey, since we are a guild island city guild now, if people gather resources who cares how bad they are at pvp.


Plate and Scythe Albion Online Balance

I hear a lot of people getting mad because people can tank (wear plate armor) with a scythe. As a scythe users, I think the weapon is pretty balanced but I think the problem is with Plate Albion Online Silver Armor. Plate armor should greatly slow a player down as cloth armor / light armor should greatly boost a players speed. Back in the day knights with heavy armor need to fight on a horses to move around because plate just weights so much. I think this game should take that same design and greatly slow a person who has plate armor equipped.

Yes it becomes impossible to kite because factoring in movement it is able to hit at the same range as most “ranged” weapons. By the time you stop and hit your 11M range ability, they are able to cover 3M and begin landing skills on you from 9M away with a scyth before your animation ends allowing you to move again. So your range advantage is completely gone. Even with substantial slows on the sctyh user (calthrops / bow slow/ spear line slows) you still only get 1-2 ticks off before they’re in range to land abilities.

I have a hard time believing its just server lag because not a single other melee weapon has this advantage. Something with the scyth itself is fundamentally broken when it comes to range.technically they all scale because light works on a percentage scale, which means everything is always fluxuating. I think the big difference is that light armor has no good defensive or offensive abilities that have zero diminishing returns. In light your helmet as a meter is locked into an ability that dorastically lowers your resistances while increasing your attack. As opposed to say retaliate that can literally make you do double damage in pvp for 5 seconds if someone is Albion Mall dumb, and if they arnt they are running while you shoot them in the back. If you are looking to duel then light is garbage, if you are doing pve then light makes you kill things twice as fast which uses less energy thus you can level twice as fast.

You can always regenerate health at a rapid rate where you cannot regenerate energy.


With mid gank after red Albion Online

I play him as jungle, he has great gank capability and his w is good for dmg as its cooldown reduces with each blob you pick up, He is mostly like a support jungler, I usually use smite and ignite starting with mid gank after red, use e to initiate, w to dmg slightly, and if almost dead I finish off with an ignite. Zac is great for ganking against all lanes, but I would save his passive for the bot lane, the bot laners usually chase him if he is low on hp, and when his passive activates, its the perfect opportunity for your adc and support to kill them, because it brings them away from turret, and if they are greedy they make mistakes.

So Albion wants you guys to think that those Ox that carry your stuff are Ox’s. But in truth they are Yaks! Yaks will soon take over the world with their fluffyiness :3! And make sure to protect your Yaks with all your might! Because the Yak Queen might come around and set your Yak free Buhahaha :3! Yaks are Life Yaks are love.

Reaching into my robe, I bring forth the Book of Armaments. Opening the book to chapter 4, I then recite verses 16 to 20.Then did he raise on high the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, saying, “Bless this, O Lord, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to Albion Online Power Leveling tiny bits, in thy mercy.” And the people did rejoice and did feast upon the lambs and toads and tree sloths and fruit bats and orangutans and breakfast cereals..

Now did the Lord say, “First thou pullest the Holy Pin. Then thou must count to three. Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be Albion Online Silver three. Four shalt not count, neither shalt thou count two, excepting that thou then proceedeth to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the number of the counting, be reached, then lobbest thou the Holy Hand Grenade in the direction of thine foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.”



Limit the amount of Albion Online skills

This is another one that really makes the community interact with each other. I loved that about UO. If you spent all your time fighting, you probably didn’t know smithing and would need to find a smith to make you armor or repair your items. *As a secondary, please make it so that only players with proper skill can repair Albion Online Silver items. (% success based on skill/difficulty) Vendors shouldn’t be able to repair. Aside from making the items this was one of the biggest community inter-activities in UO. Having the community rely on each other is the most important thing in a sandbox.

A sandbox to me is about taking time and just enjoying the game world. It’s not about getting to the end or maxing out my skills as fast as possible. Having these as your goals/quests that show up at the bottom of the screen just looks wrong to me. It feels like it’s making it your goal. Along with this, I realize GvG and PvP is a big focus in this game, but I don’t feel it should be THE focus. I do like a lot of the features involved with it. A major portion of sandbox games for me though is what you can do aside from combat.

Fix fame sharing especially for healers and add silver sharing options and rolling for loot. Let is bind our weapons and tools to hot keys as well as letting us bind our move and interact to different keys. Moving to a target when you just trying to heal them is super annoying also add a bind able stop Albion Online Power Leveling button. I’d love to have my move on left mouse, my interact on right button, and stop bound to spacebar. Would make this game so much more enjoyable to play. Don’t hurt PC users because most tablets can’t have mouse and keyboard.Guild Permissions – in this kind of cut throat game you need a robust permission system to allow guilds to thrive

Running multiple accounts Albion Online

In my opinion, your hands are tied and you have little choice but to lift restrictions on the number of accounts playable from the same IP. You can still have a rule against multi-accounting, but you will have to be diligent in being certain that this is true before a ban.

Just because something is hard or nearly impossible to enforce doesn’t mean that it should be allowed. Running multiple accounts is not the way that the game was designed to be Albion Online Power Leveling played and should be against the ToS. I understand that people will play together with family and friends so you can’t use IP address to detect this.

Add language to the ToS that if you admit on the official Albion forums to running multiple accounts at the same time it’s considered a self-report and is a ban-able offense. You will ban far more offenders from idiots on the forum than you will through in-game reporting or other means. And the best part is, people will stop talking about it.

EvE you had to pay $15/month per account. It makes multi-boxing expensive. This means fewer people will do it. Same with WoW. On a free to play game, especially one that doesn’t require tons of processing to run, there is nothing stoping someone from making 15 accounts and controlling them all with 1 keyboard and Albion Mall mouse. Each character doing the exact same thing. They would easily 1 shot people even if they were just in tier 3 gear. It would kill the game so fast.

The Current Albion Online System Works

I would also like to add that all the posts crying “YES! NO F2P TO KEEP OUT ALL THE UNDESIRABLES!” need to read the OP again. This game WILL go F2P, just not at the beginning. If they announced the delay but kept the old F2P plan they would have basically severed their cash flow because people would simply walk away until summer 2016. By telling everybody they will have to pay anyway you might force more Albion Online Power Leveling people into the BETA even though the wipes make their time investment pointless and wasted. I’m surprised they also didn’t announce “NO MORE WIPES!” because that would have forced everyone on board. So, in short, the “undesirables” will be here, in force, before the sun sets on this game.

The current system works for a smaller population (which is why almost zero people bitched during alphas). Now that the population is larger a lot of people agree a new system needs to replace flagging. I argue for a middle ground. Something inbetween the UO criminal system vs the flagging system. Criminal system will be fine if they don’t have a kill debuff and don’t change loot mechanics (would push all PvP to black zones where people wouldn’t get negative buff. People already complain they are way overcrowded. Just imagine when the entire PvP server migrates there)

Im a hardcore pvp and pker and i admit the PK system is crazy right now.. its like DUST2 (counter strike) as soon as you hit red zones.. theirs so many ppl in the game you can not go 20 sec without me pking you or you me… good luck getting resources with out 25 thousand guildies who don’t give a shit if you get them or not…I said this a Month ago that the UO SYSTEM would be perfect for this game and needed to happen because this zerg style ganking everywhere needed to go (because why not? you lose nothing gain everything).. I’m so happy the DEVS listens to the community.
Also, im sorry but im very happy this isnt a free to play game anymore. It seems f2p games bring the Albion Gold Mall  worst of the worse 12 year olds.. The b2p or p2p community’s are so much better.

Thank you, Albion people thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you you thank youthankthank you thank you luv u thank you thank you thank you thank you thank thank you you thank you kiss me thank you thank thank you (like i said the worst of the worst 12 yr olds)


Make A Sandbox Albion Online Game

At least after revealing that some of you will give some hard time Wrong thinking, especially at launch, top tier black zones are the best to start with, while the standard (even hardcore) playerbase is working their way up farming on lower tiers to improve their destiny board specialisations :) So no one around or almost. Once people are starting to reach crafting at top tier, gold sellers will have a big reserve to deliver at the best price, as it will be initially scarce.

Green areas are potentially the less interesting in terms of botting, too many people around, too much competition, too low prices per item and too many depleted nodes.In the other hand, low tier wearing bots can go top black areas sneaking around mobs and their aggro range, collect what they can like peons in warcraft 3 “job’s done!”, have all top tier nodes full and so on, anyway they do not need any progression in the destiny board (apart from the one necessary to gather)

And you all with “we must have one account and no to multiaccounting, well, get that!, we are stucked with one account and progressing the destiny board meanwhile…

I don’t think a sandbox game should be defined by a single players Avatar’s actions. That is what makes a sandbox game uniqu
e from other games is that it requires thinking outside the box. A player willing to make and use multiple characters SHOULD have different advantages over someone who specializes and uses only one.It is up to the people who then focus and specialize in pking to punish the multiboxer or the multiuser who thinks he can farm more effectively with several chars at once, as they cannot obviously pvp as effectively.

This is not an even playing field style game, and should not be treated as such. If that is what you are looking for Albion Online Power LevelingI recommend FPS style games, as all characters are the same.Botting is a separate issue and not related to this debate, although would be controlled in the same player policing style within this game structure. PK them and take their loot.

At Various Levels Of Albion Online Progression

You can pretty much catch up to most high geared players if you stop posting QQ threads and FARM THE FUCKING FAME.

Seriously. I have 5.2 heavy and 6.0 medium with two 4.3 weapons and a T6pickaxe and this was all after I spent my LP on “random crap” (like refining and crafting that i never use anymore and weapons I learned sucked the hard way) in the first week of the game.. I was told I NEEDED to make an alt for combat or id never catch up and decided to just grind it out the hard way.
I’m not trying to brag and yes I have more free time than most players because I work seasonal and winter is off time. But it took me 4hours to get from T3 to T5 medium Albion Online Silver armor by farming T4mobs in a yellow zone and most players are not wearing anything higher than that in open world atm because it costs too much to replace. So stop asking for a do-over and go grind you lazy fuck.

Logic IS hard, I know. Let me try to explain: It’s not up to YOU to decide if the game is being tested properly, it’s up to the developers. The devs are looking to test certain things, that require people to be at various levels of progression along the destiny board.Tell me, oh great logic king, how will the devs test the respawn rates of mobs in T6+ zones if there’s a wipe? That’s right, they won’t be able to for several weeks/months until a critical mass of the population get to those levels and are able to hunt in those zones.How will they test the Albion Online Power Leveling  new 5, 8, and 12 person expeditions if everyone starts off at novice? Do they have enough time to wait the 6-8 weeks for most people to get up to that level?

Honestly, it’s mind-boggling that none of you are able to grasp this simple fact. If the devs are making changes to higher-end content, they need people at the higher-end of progression to test that content out.


What About a Diminishing Albion Online Durability

What about a diminishing durability. Say you use an axe until the durability is at 50% then repair it. What if, instead of 100/100 you got 90/90. The next time, 80/80. There would have to be some algorithm for calculating the new durability limit and it could factor in the Albion Online Silver quality of the item too so that quality of tools would have an actual use. With a repair all, all items would be repaired to their new and lowed durabilities. Also, make it so only brand new items (100 durability can be sold) so crafters are the only ones who can sell tools rather than people who repair what they have and sell them.

I’m actually not opposed to the suggestion, save the end: Also, make it so only brand new items (100 durability can be sold) so crafters are the only ones who can sell tools rather than people who repair what they have and sell them.

Until there is a shared guild bank, I’m completely against this idea. When I loot items, I don’t “sell” them for a profit (and I’m sure the people that DO sell for a profit would be completely against this Cheap Albion Online Gold idea). I “sell” them (via the AH for 1 silver) to my guildmates who have a use for whatever the item was. I don’t want to have to wait until he/she needs the item, only for them to have to then track me down so I can trade these lesser-durability items to them, assuming trading isn’t excluded from “selling” as you had originally described it. If you’re a self-sufficient crafter that only plays the game alone, this might seem like a good idea, but given this is largely a guild-based game where interaction and cooperation between players is encouraged, and even rewarded (new fame updates coming out, new content, etc) a system like that wouldn’t make much sense.